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Indigo Interactives
Nothing gives us more joy than telling stories and listening to yours and being part of some together. We tell stories but not in so many words, our stories are journeys traversing through history and landscapes with facinating people and experiencing cultures with them and through them. 

We work on the framework of developing and curating one immersive travel experience at a time. Our itineraries are multiday schedules including interactive sessions, visits, hands on workshops, debates and discussions, interlaced with cultural experiences. 

What to expect?
Join us on a journey through the farms and fields, kitchens and workshops and learn about the locals, their legends and beliefs as you cook and source. Spend time with the artisants, planners and designers, interact,travel and see it all through their perspective. 
Small team 
We are a small enterprise and intend to stay that way. Growth and volumes are not the driving forces here. Felicitating enriching experiences and creating memories are what keeps us going.

Jeff Kurian - 


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