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About the experience

We attempt to bring to you a fresh perspective to the ever evolving landscape of Architecture, here in Goa which by the way was its largest laboratory for centuries. It was here where ideas and designs from the west flowed in only to be adapted to local weather conditions and aesthetics. The experiments continue but now they are aligned to the new market conditions,a much changed economy and aspirations of its consumers. In this curated travel itinerary of 4 days we take you through Goa chronologically as we unravel different aspects of art and architecture. The evolution of this stream, how it has influenced the culture here, the opportunities and challenges that beacon this multifaceted stream. We have planned many visits, workshops, interactive sessions, heritage walks, sketching sessions and art immersion programs to stimulate your perceptions of Goa and its Architecture. 


  • Salt Pans and Mangrove walk with naturalists to understand the topography and the natural heritage and the man made interventions that have sustained for centuries

  • Farmers Lunch at a local farm with local music to understand the basics of the agrarian life

  • Heritage walk at Old Goa to understand the context under which the experimentation in designs and materials started and how it paved the way for a design language unique to Goa

  • Fontinhas Heritage walk and the formation of a new capital, its design and the story of Panjim

  • Evening sketching session with urban sketchers of Goa in Panjim, exhibition and interaction there after

  • Assagao walk with emphasis on its transformation from a sleepy village to a hip upmarket tourist center, the opportunities and the challenges that lay ahead for young design professionals in such a transformation and its implications on the real estate segment

  • Design beyond Architecture visits to studios who have ventured beyond the spectrum of the built form




Day 01 | Arrive Goa | All about land and region

On arrival assist and transfer to the hotel,check in, orientation and later proceed for a walk through the Mangroves and Salt Pans with naturalists to understand the topography of the region. We will also be meeting an activist architect who has been raising awareness about the Mangroves and its importance. This session is to understand the climatic conditions, the flora and fauna and the man made interventions that date centuries back and to learn why it is ever so important to consider these networks while designing and planning. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay


Day 02 | Goa | Pre Portuguese structures to Colonization 

Breakfast at the hotel, we will drive far east towards the western ghats to experience one of the few pre portuguese structures that have survived, the visit here is to give an insight into the local architecture that existed before western influences started asserting itself. Later, driving back to Old Goa  enroute we will have a farmers lunch with some local music and with more learnings through interaction with an amazing couple who has so graciously welcomed us to their beautiful farms with stunning views. After lunch we shall drive to Old Goa for a heritage walk through the grand basilicas and cathedrals to retrace the policies and agenda of the initial years of Portuguese rule and its impact on art, architecture and culture. Later return to the hotel for an informal dinner and interaction with some local Architects, overnight stay


Day 03 | Goa | The Formation of a city 

Breakfast at the hotel, this day we take you through the narrow lanes of Fontinhas for a heritage walk where we shall unravel the story of how Panjim was designed, the circumstances under which the decision of shifting the capital to Panjim was taken, its planning and the heritage value that it has. This experience includes lunch at a heritage Goan house. Later we shall join a group of sketchers with whom we will have a sketching session and workshop. In the evening we shall visit the offices of some young and growing Architectural practices. This visit is all about learning the journeys of young practices, their conception and growth. The architects will also present some of their projects, its evolution and the challenges they faced. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay


Day 04 | Goa | The Story of Assagao and its grand villas

Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will drive to what was once a sleepy village in a valley. Assagao has now transformed into this hip and trendy bohemian destination full of cafes, galleries, gourmet restaurants and grand villas for the elite. This transformation was not gradual and this new trend has transformed the real estate segment of Goa and along with it many architectural firms who have adapted their designs and deliverables to match the demands of the market. Walk with the locals and learn about how Assagao was once upon a time and what it has become now and the impact of these changes on the ground. Lunch at a local restaurant in Assagao and later we shall visit the studios of a few Architects who have ventured beyond Architecture into various other design streams like furniture design, photography and art. These visits are for understanding the transition of creative individuals and the business of various design streams, the opportunities and challenges and the economics of such enterprises. 


Day 05 | Goa Departure

Breakfast at the hotel, check out and transfer to the airport or railway station for your onward journey. 




  • These experiences are specially designed and curated for like minded individuals who want to explore different avenues of the hospitality and tourism industry in the context of Goa

  • This would be ideal for students of Architecture, or those who are looking to transition into this segment or for students who are considering to enroll themselves in this stream of education. 

  • The stay, all meals right from the time you reach Goa till your departure, all activities, all interactive sessions, all logistics, parking, appointments will be coordinated by us and will be included in the total costing

  • All experiences, walks, activities, hands on workshops will be scheduled as per the final itinerary and all necessary permissions will be taken in advance and will be included in the costing

  • The final schedule will be confirmed as per the dates and the availability of the resource person. Once dates are confirmed we shall confirm all arrangements before we proceed with advance payments


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