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Cycling through the Coast, Konkan - Goa

Long distance cycling journeys
It is difficult to explain the intensity of long distance cycling, the emotions you go through, the wandering mind, the blazing sun and shaded stretches. The climb up and the decent that ends fast. The thrill of not knowing what you will discover after the next turn. You are alone, there is no one else with you on the bike, so you start conversations with it about the road, about the villages, the sounds and smells, the breeze and the ferries. The cycle sets a pace which allows you to assimilate everything. This curated experience is all about you and the road.

The route
The coastal route from Mumbai to Goa is just breathtaking. Peddling through many stretches parallel to the beach, or beside lush green fields. The quaint villages and through buzzing beaches filled with tourist activities. Pass by iconic forts and temples and soak in the unique culture of Konkan. 

Our Expertise
We are cycling and biking entusiasts. We have biked and cycled through this route multiple times including solo cycling and biking journeys. We can handle basic cycle maintenance and know the route pretty well. We also have developed a network of good homestays, restaurants and cycle repair shops through the route. We are your co-travellers and will be with you through the journey right from picking the right accesories to getting your cycle ready for the journey.

The Experience
We will be curating and designing this experience around  you. The daily scheduling will be completley depended on you and your pace. You wont be part of a group, it could be just you or your group, cycle 10 Km or 100 Km we will be right behind you, there is no one else, no back up truck or team, it is just us till we get to the destination. We wont be pre booking any stay or meal or activity. We will manage it all of as it unfolds. No pressure of reaching the destination, it is the journey and trust us when we say you will find your groove. 

This is a customised curatted program. You pay as you go along. All the expenses stay, accommodation (sharing or single), food, accesories, ferry charges etc will be paid by you. Our charges are Rs.2000\- per day. Ideally this would be a 7 day program. The total service charges would be Rs.14,000\-. All accommodation will be in home stays, we will not booking any location in advance. We have a network of homestays through the route and depending on our pace we will decide the location and the homestay where we say for the night. All other expenses including stay and food should not be more than Rs.15,000\- for the whole tour.

                             To read a blog about an experience during a soiltary cycling journey through the same route.

If this idea excites you, do get in touch and we can get cracking

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